Thursday, April 15, 2010

Village Voice mention

Justin Foley of The Austerity Program mentioned me and the shirt I did for them in their Village Voice interview. Baby!

"Tell me about the new anvil shirts. How did that idea come about?

We asked the folks at Hydra Head to pull together a shirt design for us. Four different people were kind enough to do something for us to consider. This by itself is very flattering. A bunch of our friends picked this as their favorite. It's hilarious and we take no credit for it at all. Thank Andrew Cox at Hydra Head and pay him money to design a shirt for your band."

This is almost as exciting as when I got my picture in the newspaper for lining up in costume for the Star Wars midnight screening (both times).

Also, I would like to thank James O'Mara for being good at adobe programs, because the shirt would have looked way stupid without his help.

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