Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pocket Book 4 is Out Now!

Pocket Book 4 is the first volume to feature full color printing! More non-linear, darkly humorous drawings and micro stories from Andrew James Cox.
32 pages, color, 5"x8".
Now available in my brand new webstore! You can also order it signed, and with a sketch. Volumes 1-3 are available as a bundle.

They are also available in LA at Secret Headquarters.

If you are interested in purchasing original art or wholesale copies, email me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pocket Book 4 is just about ready.

The fourth volume in my series of small, non-linear comics known as Pocket Books is pretty much ready to go. I bought a color laser printer and have printed a few copies for friends and am about to set it up for purchase online. To whet your appetite, here is the inked cover, pre-color:

We Will Carry Out the Plot Ourselves

We Will Carry Out the Plot Ourselves, 2011
11"x8 1/2"
ink and watercolor on paper

This is what I end up drawing when I watch Downton Abbey on Netflix streaming.