Thursday, October 2, 2014

Henry & Glenn Forever

Here is the color cover for my three page Henry & Glenn story for Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever.
Obviously it's a ripoff homage to Mike Mignola's Hellboy.
Signed print available in my webstore

The original drawings will be on display at La Luz de Jesus for
How Many Artists Does It Take To Screw Henry & Glenn?
An Exhibition of the Art of Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever
October 3 – November 2, 2014
Artist reception: Friday, October 3rd, 8-11PM

Big thanks to Tom Neely for inviting me to be a part of it! 
So many great cartoonists and artists involved.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Spreadsheet laser print, matte board 
Part of Reticulating Splines 
A group show curated by @johnniejungleguts at Chin's Push gallery in Highland Park. 
Opening today 1pm-9pm 
4917 York Blvd, Los Angeles 
Along with the Great Summer Pokémon Festival and tournament.

Axed Crown at KCHUNGFEST 2014 // Ltd 'GNUHCK' cassette

Axed Crown
 is playing KCHUNGFEST 2014 at Los Globos on Monday!
We go on at 4:35, so come spend labor day listening to noisy electronic post rock, and hanging with strange, beautiful LA art people!

Inline image 1
It's a fundraiser to support independent artist-run Kchung Radio (which broadcasts my monthly show Heavy Duty, heavy music for lightweights, a gateway to headbanging for the uninitiated. Fourth Sunday of every month at 3pm Pacific)

Monday, September 1st (Labor Day), 2014
Los Globos
3040 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

I'll have a super limited cassette available at the show.
Inline image 2
Ambient synths, noisy loops, and clumsy beats. 
Performed live on KCHUNG February 24th, 2013.
45 minutes
Recommended if you like GrailsAphex TwinTortoise.

Hopefully I'll see you there!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Current Projects

I have been busy with a bunch of stuff lately, and tend to forget how many things I am actually undertaking at any given time. So, I figured I would list them out here to help wrap my head around and let you know what I am up to.
Also, because I am bad at regular updates, this is my semi-regular info purge.

Pocket Book V is finished. We just completed printing and binding them. Akina hand-stitched every single one.

New band with my brother Austin. Thrash/doom/ambient/psych/electronic/metal
We've started recording. It's the first time I have been satisfied with the sound quality of drums I've recorded myself.

We also printed shirts:

- Helms Alee / Young Widows split
I did the cover art for the forthcoming split from my pals Helms Alee and Young Widows, to be released by Sargent House.

Axed Crown is my solo musical project. I've had a debut LP languishing in near-completion for a couple years now. I finally recorded drums for one song, "Overturn," that's been almost done for a while, and I think it is finally complete. Just need to tweak and add a few bits, and the record will be good to go. It's tentatively titled "Amnesty."

Here is the rough demo for "Overturn"

I have a short comic in the upcoming Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever TPB. It's basically Henry as Hellboy, and they fall through the floor of their house into a forgotten practice space. I'll post a preview soon. Also, the book's foreword is written by Rob Halford. ROB HALFORD. of JUDAS PRIEST.
Pre-Order It Here

I'm also working on Cheap Eats, a short cooking show featuring delicious recipes for the broke and lazy. It's for KCHUNG TV, KCHUNG's entry in the Hammer Museum's Made in LA 2014 Biennial.

Oh yeah, I also have a monthly show called Heavy Duty on KCHUNG radio. It focuses on hevay music for lightweights, and airs the fourth Sunday of every month.

- I'm in the middle of writing a short script about a metal band putting on a show at their parents' house. Hopefully I'll finish it this month and have it shot and edited before summer is over.

- I already wrote a feature length script for a post-apocalyptic ghost movie called Mountain Ghost that's influenced by The Road, Princess Mononoke, Red Dawn, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Intending to but not really working on pre-production (designs, storyboards, etc). Might produce it as a comic first.

- On the far back burner is a short zine/riso book called Black Days. Black metal days of the week. Sunday is a burning church, Monday is black coffee, etc.

- Probably some other stuff I am forgetting/procrastinating on. For some reason I still feel unproductive a lot of the time. Let me know if you need a video, or a drawing, or music. Because I am not busy enough.

I blame the internet.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hydra Head Poster + T-shirt

I designed this poster/t-shirt for Hydra Head Records.
The poster is a 4 Color screen printed 18"x24" poster on 100# "Berrylicious" Pop Tone Paper. Hand-numbered and limited to 50.
Buy it here

The shirt is limited edition pre-order only, so order it now if you want one ever!
Buy it here

They are part of a series of prints for Hydra Head by a bunch of awesome artists that I helped curate, including:
- Faith Coloccia
- Michael DeForge
- Julia Gfrörer
- Tom Neely
- Sophie Penrose
- Aaron Turner
and more!