Sunday, August 13, 2006

Open for (Taking care of) Business

*This was back when the news section was not a separate blog

So, this is my site. It's not a contender for "Best Web Design," but I think it is at least aesthetically tolerable. This is the news section, if I got the link to work properly.

Basically I finally decided to consolidate all my efforts under one site. Besides a news section, there will be a gallery of things I have created (art, pictures, videos?, and otherwise), a hopefully functional and profitable store to keep me off the street, a list of upcoming events I am involved in or looking forward to, info all about me, and contact info and a mailing list sign-up.

Hopefully I will keep this updated with sweet stuff that will make you giggle. Let me know what you think.

Also, an extremely large thank you to Will Stein at for the help with hosting the site. If you ever need a website or a place to host your website, go to, you will not be disappointed. Tell 'em Andrew sent you. No, don't really, unless you are talking directly to Will. Which you probably would be. Anyway.



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