Saturday, March 10, 2012

Open Network

The video I directed for Helms Alee is in this art show at Cirrus Gallery, opening tonight (like right this moment, as I am typing this. Sorry for the late notice.) Thanks to Aaron Wrinkle for including me.

March 10- May 5, 2012
Opening Reception
Sat. March 10th  7-10pm 
Hinged to the website, the exhibition presents itself with gestures on technology, community, innovation and performance. A comment on networking, the exhibition and website highlight important examples of artists bringing ideas of collaboration and presentation to the forefront of contemporary art. Artists and groups include: Artists and groups include: (Lucy Chinen and Emilie Gervais), Chris Burden, Andrew Cox, Alan Dunn, Michael Decker, Eternal Telethon, Corey Fogel, Jack Goldstein, Peregrine Honig (Bravo's Work of Art), Mariah Garnett of Human Resources and Geoff Tuck (Notes on Looking), Actual Size artists: Ali Bailey, Scott Benzel, Guy de Cointet, Larry Bell, Doug Edge, Cayetano Ferrer, Katie Herzog, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha and Barbara T. Smith plus artist submissions from

Cirrus Gallery
542 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tuesday- Saturday 10am- 5pm

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